I've always had an interest in art. As a child, drawing paper and colored pencils were the only gifts I ever asked for. I was always drawing - my family, pets, my favorite cartoons; anything and everything that I loved as a child was captured by my pencils. But I would also draw things as a way to understand them. Emotions, feelings, thoughts, words - If something didn't make sense to me, I drew it. I've always had a curiosity for the way things are. And, often, seeing something helped me make sense of it. My subjects have become a bit more complex over the years (as one would expect). But my curiosity has remained the same.

As an actor, I've always been drawn to characters that are misunderstood; to represent people that may be considered "unappealing", and display the beauty that resides in their nature. I'm compelled by the same notion, with art. I sometimes choose to address topics and display subjects that are somewhat dark and unappealing; to represent something that wouldn't have been represented. And challenge myself to tell a different story - communicate in a different way.

Art is a conversation I have with my reality. My way to gain understanding and to be understood. To share and shape my perspective. Art is my therapy. It's where I get to express myself, without restraint. And it’s how I get to make sense of the world.

Shawn lives in Los Angeles & Paris.