DEAR DEMI... / by Shawn Pyfrom

Dear Demi,

   Reading about what [allegedly] is going on with you right now has devastated me. Of course, for the impact of what that must have on your life. I can imagine how disheartening this must be for you... I’ve been there - it's tough (to put it lightly). And I can only assume the challenges you’re facing at the moment.

   But it troubles me, as well, because of the impact you’ve had on my sobriety. You are the reason I was able to recognize and acknowledge that I'm an addict - and, thus, decide to get sober. In the deepest mire of my struggles - I heard you speak, so eloquently; elucidating your experience of what it is to be an addict. I identified with your words so strongly that it was impossible to deceive myself any longer. You helped me realize that addiction takes many shapes... and that I, myself, am one of them. To put all of this into a short sentence; you helped me save my life. For that, I will be forever grateful to and for you.

    I share this with you, as a reminder of how impactful you are. And I imagine that whatever you're going through is not without an impact of it's own - one that has inflicted a deep pain, prior to it's consequences. Which has now imposed more upon you. But I've heard your words. I've seen you speak. You have a force that is undeniably nonpareil and extraordinary. And there is no question that you have inspired more people than just me. But that is not your obligation. That is one of your many gifts. The only responsibility you have is to yourself. And so I encourage you to only care for you now - while others take care of Demi.

   I will keep you in my prayers and only hope that you’re surrounded by whatever elevates you. By what compels you to continue being that remarkable person, whom so many admire. But most importantly… I hope for you to stay connected to what you are - in your essence. The compassionate, altruistic, loving, intelligent, talented, and inspirational person - that I’ve only gathered from a distance - but emanates so clearly. Don’t lose touch with that person. Don’t let anything get in your way. And don’t lose faith. We all slip. We, who have been there, know how hard this is. You are nothing less because of it. You are not your struggles. And you are most certainly not your disease. And no one should blame, nor criticize you for it.

This too shall pass. But I hope that you remain constant. You know what to do now... 

There are many still rooting for you. And I am most certainly one of them. 

Forever on your side,

Shawn Pyfrom