Managed Expressions and Self-Preservation is a series of self portraits, using household items to distort and obscure my features and expressions. 

The series was made after a girl, that I still loved, had broken my heart. I just moved to Paris, where I was meeting people and trying to develop new relationships. I didn’t want to be a mope. It didn’t help that Paris is where I fell in love with my ex. Going through all of that alone, in a new city, was one of the most challenging experiences of my life. I felt raw, and more vulnerable than ever. I grieved, mostly, in private. And sometimes wore a mask (literally) when I left the house. At times, my interactions felt forced; like I was expressing everything BUT what I was feeling. 

That’s what inspired this series. I got tired of grieving alone without any resolve. If I was meant to go through the pain, I had to turn it into something. So whenever my sadness would surface, I would sit in front of the camera and rip something out from a drawer - some tape, a roll of foil, Suran Wrap; and try to capture what I was experiencing. As a way to manage, to overcome, and preserve myself in that moment of time.


*MANAGED EXPRESSIONS AND SELF PRESERVATION can be viewed in the "WORK" section of the top menu.